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AC Consulting provides the necessary products and services which allow your law firm to operate more efficiently and effectively. With over 25 years of technical experience specifically in legal environments in the San Francisco Bay Area, AC Consulting can assist and prepare legal offices to practice law using the latest technological advances.

Below is a summary of the products and services offered by AC Consulting and available to law firms:

The World's Leading Cloud Company

Nearly two thirds of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure for their cloud computing solution and an average of 1,000 customers are signing up every day. The benefits of the cloud are well documented: spinning up virtual machines in minutes, providing scalable and durable cloud storage, and backup and recovery solutions for law offices of all sizes.


AC Consulting will provide you with a Certified Microsoft Azure Consultant who will assist you in planning and deploying your private Microsoft Cloud solution. Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud are:

Cost Savings
• A reduction in IT costs because you no longer have to pay to set up, maintain, or back up your servers
• Scalability of costs as you only purchase the data amount that you currently need
• Ability to avoid purchasing costly hardware which will quickly become obsolete

Better Accessibility
• Employees can work from any location where they have access to a computer
• Clients can easily share files that cannot be emailed because they are too large or contain confidential information

Disaster Recovery
• In the event of a computer failure or natural disaster, employees can be up and running on a new computer as quickly as you can provide internet access to it
• You will never lose data because your files are backed up to the cloud in real-time

Better Security
• The online data storage capability is able to afford more robust physical security measures than a solo practitioner or small firm can afford
• Our reputable online data storage services use cutting edge security technologies


Legal Calendaring and Case Management Software

With the implementation of the Abacus Law Legal Calendaring, Client, Case, Conflict and Document Management software, your legal office will function with precision and accuracy.

AC Consulting will provide you with a Certified Abacus Law Consultant who will supply you and your staff with a thorough training which is customized to your specific needs. This nationally recognized software will allow you to perform the functions listed below and more:

• Organize Legal Calendar Dates
• Track Client and Matter Information
• Implement Fast Track/Federal/Civil Rules
• Conduct Conflict of Interest Checking
• Use a Custom Report Generator
• Implement Document Management/Litigation Support
• Use Forms Generation/Document Assembly
• Integrate TimeSlips for Billing
• Print Daily, Weekly, Yearly (Statutes and Trials) Calendars
• Print Malpractice Alert Reports
• Synchronization with Outlook and Smartphones

Time and Billing Software

By using Timeslips Time and Billing software, your legal office will record and invoice transactions accurately and improve its cost recovery.

AC Consulting will provide you with a Certified Timeslips Consultant who will supply you and your staff with a thorough training which is customized to your specific needs. This nationally recognized software will allow you to perform the functions listed below and more:

• Track Invoices and Aged Balances
• Create Multiple Accounts/Balances for Each Client
• Use Minimum Hours Flat Fee
• Customized Invoices, Slips and Reports
• Program Custom Fields on Timekeeper/Activity Reports
• Use Stopwatch Time and Expense Tracking 
• Set Hourly, Flat Fee, Contingency, Percent Complete and Value Billing
• Implement Different Types of Billing Methods
• Automate Rate Assignment from Rate Tables and Rate Rules
• Setup Accounts Receivable with Payment Tracking
• Implement Trust/Retainer Account on Clients/Projects
• Install Practice Management Reporting
• Use History of Billing Tracked on Clients
• Use History of Billing Tracked on Employees
• Maintain Budgeting on Each Client or Project
• Use Fee Allocation Reporting
• Implement Conflict Check and Text Search
• Integrate Timeslips to Other Programs

Local and Wide Area

AC Consulting can assist your firm by providing a Microsoft Partner who can provide expert service and support for the following network environments:

WINDOWS 95/98/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10
WINDOWS NT/2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/TERMINAL SERVER

AC Consulting's network expertise includes the following areas:

• LAN Design
• Installation and Configuration
• Security and Disaster Recovery Procedures
• Employee Sabotage Preparation and Prevention
• System Wide Virus and Worm Protection

• Ransomware Protection

• Every 15 Minute 24/7 Backup Protection
• Printer Layout and Set-up
• Expert Troubleshooting
• Upgrades/Fine Tuning
• Drive Mapping and Integration
• Menu Design and Implementation
• Backup Verification
• Hub/Switch/Cable Configuration
• Network Expansion and Office-to-Office Communication
• Email and Desktop Faxing
• Remote Access

Hardware and Software Consultation

AC Consulting can assist your firm with the following specialty products and services to promote efficiency and productivity in your changing environment:

• Home-to-Office Remote Communications

• Office 365 Suite

• Legal Solutions Plus

• Trial Director Implementation and Training

• CEB Essential Forms Implementation and Training
• Internet Service Provider Assistance
• Domain Name Registration
• Internet Legal Research Connection
• Internet Connectivity
• Lexis and Westlaw Legal Research Communications
• Digital Legal Library Implementation
• Judicial Council Forms Training
• High-Speed Document Scanning
• Courtroom Computer Exhibit Imaging
• Document Management and Litigation Support
• QuickBooks and TimeSlips Training
• WordPerfect Training
• Pleading and Letterhead Macros
• Proof of Service, Verification and Caption Macros
• Dissomaster, Propertizer, CAPS, Baji Forms Installation
• Firm Technical Manuals and Handbooks
• Hardware Purchasing Consultation
• Copier Printing and Scanning Setup

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